Greg Hunter

In Anticipation of A Serious Man

In Film and Television on October 1, 2009 at 1:04 AM

Three great scenes, from three very different Coen brothers movies:

No Country for Old Men – Downstream Chase

This scene is fun, more than anything else, but it’s an amazing balancing act, too. No Country‘s river chase is fundamentally scary, and fundamentally goofy–suspense is maintained, some levity creeps in, and that dog head keeps bobbing along in the water.

The Hudsucker Proxy – Inventing the Hula Hoop

Ignoring that one character’s contemplation of suicide is a framing device for the whole film, The Hudsucker Proxy might be the most plainly optimistic work the Coens have made. Not their best, but at least a movie by and for people who love movies. This scene is also the Coens at their showiest, but it’s all in the service of glee. (It even makes hula hoops look like fun.)

Barton Fink – “You don’t listen” (specifically 4:55-5:00)

*SPOILERS* John Goodman is never better than when he’s in a Coen brothers movie, and maybe never better than here.

  1. I too am very excited for the Cohen Bros’ new movie

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