Greg Hunter

Introduction to the Legosphere

In Games on September 8, 2009 at 2:24 PM

Picture 6

This was the headline photo a few days ago from the Times. I thought this is as good a time as any to give an introduction to the wide world Lego enthusiasts have built for themselves on the internet (Go here to read some reactions to the article. Favorite quote from the comments: “I was surprised that only 10% of sets go to adults. Bugged that lego calls us bizarre but, yeah I guess they’re right.”). Some of them take themselves too seriously, but most are a jovial lot of middle aged men (usually engineers and high school math teachers it seems) who just never got tired of building with legos. While half of the works I’ve seen fall into the corny and mediocre, the overall quality and artistry is surprisingly high. Below are a list of my favorite blogs:

The Brothers Brick: The Target of Lego blogs. They’ve got everything, and it’s all a little nicer than Wal-Mart. Most of the posts feature photos of user-submitted creations. They’re impressive, and the site has impressively organized them. Interested in Star Wars diorama? Perhaps abstract sculpture? It’s tagged there. In addition to user content, there are copious interviews with prolific and skilled modelers and occasionally some breaking Lego news…

LEGO Fun: Some Lego enthusiasts are particularly interested in the minifigs that Lego produces—you know the knobby headed, smiling, yellow Lego people. In addition to modifying Lego’s own creations, they make their own somehow. In addition they photograph them in different situations.

VignetteBRICKS: From the site: “vi·gnette n. A scene built of LEGO bricks on a small (usually 6×6 or 8×8) base.” When I first encountered this miniature scenes, I thought they were pretty silly, but the more of them I’ve seen, the more they’ve grown on me. You’d think you couldn’t do much with just a few minifigs and a dozen or so bricks, but these modelers tell a story in a few strokes. They are the short story writers of the Legosphere.

LAMLradio: Yes it’s a podcast. No I have not listened to it, but I hear it’s good!

Train Odometer: Okay, not a blog, but the coolest lego creation I’ve ever seen. It’s not even that impressive looking, but it is so well designed, and if you read his long article, you will be shocked by the amount of work it took to design.

Hopefully these sites will more than fulfill your fix for all things childish in you. Be warned though, if you do choose to take up this hobby, it’s pretty expensive. Just look on Lego’s official website. Not cheap at all.


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