Greg Hunter

Sunday Comics Faceoff: Dilbert vs. Calvin and Hobbes

In Comics on August 30, 2009 at 2:11 PM

Picture 1Picture 2Ah, Sunday mornings. Nothing better than lounging in a white terry-cloth robe and drinking a cup of coffee while reading the comics. But what comics do you read! Time is limited and there are so many comic strips in the newspaper—at least two pages worth! So you have the above two comics, right now they’re too small to read the text, so based on all other things—layout, drawing, font—which do you choose?

  1. Not a question. Watterson’s stuff is alive on the page. Even if C+H was only 15 years ago, there’s a kind of dynamism in those strips that you don’t see anywhere in newspaper comics anymore. I remember reading paperback Dilbert collections, and even in 5th grade I thought they were funny. But the art? It’s assembly-line stuff, like most other newspaper comics. Apparently some other cartoonists resented Bill Waterson -Bill Keane, for one- because had enough clout to demand an abnormal amount of space for his Sunday strips. Can you blame him, though? Calvin and Hobbes still looks so good–

  2. I was reading the internet and these two comics popped up one after the other. They were such a study in contrasts that I had to post them. I’m glad that you loved Dilbert in fifth grade or so, too Greg. I’m still not sure what really attracted sixth-grade me to Scott Adams’s vignettes about the futility of working in a modern corporation, but I thought Dilbert’s travails were very funny. I particularly liked—and still like—how Adams fashioned Wally into such a recognizable antihero.

  3. Yeah, what you guys said.

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