Greg Hunter

Swedish Font Switch Shitshow: Ikea Picks Verdana and the Design World Gets MIFFED

In Personal Tech on August 29, 2009 at 1:09 AM


TIME recently reported that many fans of Swedish furniture and lifestyle store Ikea are appalled with the decision to move from Futura to Verdana for use in Ikea’s catalogues and print ads. Most complaints note that Verdana was designed to be read on computer screens, and looks amateurish in other contexts. After checking out some photos of Ikea’s new promotional materials, it’s hard to say they’re wrong.

On a related note, on the August 18 episode of Best Show on WFMU, writer Matt Fraction voiced his desire for a bumper sticker that said Semper Fi in Comic Sans. So, Gutterheads, if you could make a major font swap happen, what would you do? Replace Garamond with Sand on your resume, and show future employers your edge? Use Curls MT for this poster?

Un-Helvetica the world? Negative points for anyone thinking about making a Wingdings
joke. Too easy, friend.

  1. I’m not going to say I’ve been designing my own website, but I will say I’ve been daydreaming about designing my own website. I think mostly about the correct font, and I’ll be honest, Helvetica is the answer. I played with Garamond. I thought about Arial. But I can’t in good conscience choose anything other than Helvetica.

  2. I think we might want a Fonts category, actually. I’ve been starting a collection of Helvetica-Arial juxtapositions around Boston, which will hopefully turn into a post once I get enough examples.

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