Greg Hunter

Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard Arrives

In Personal Tech on August 28, 2009 at 5:24 AM

Can I just say how clever Apple was to abandon the numeric naming of its operating systems. Without having the reference of OS 9.5 or OS 7.0 to jog the memory of past, less impressive operating systems, each of Apples’ OS X iterations stands as a unique creation. The only thing connecting them (Panther, Tiger, Jaguar, Leopard, etc.) is images of strong, big cats connoting speed, power, and grace. What a wonderful marketing feat. Don Draper would be proud.

Snow Leopard has arrived (29 dollars, but if you bought your Apple computer after June 8, you’re probably qualified for the upgrade for nine dollars), and in Apple’s words, it’s an evolution, not a revolution. The user interface remains mostly unchanged, and there are no entirely new programs or additions.

Instead, the upgrade includes lots of tweaks to the user interface, and some hefty behind the scenes changes. All of the operating system’s programs will now take advantage of the Intel chip’s 64-bit processing power. In addition, the entire OS is considerably smaller, so more space for music and movies.

In the end, the upgrade will be well worth the 29 dollars. Change the GUI, and people will drop hundreds of dollars on the newer flashier OS, but since Apple make many visible changes, you get the benefit of having a cheaper yet still significant upgrade.

Update: New York Times just published a review: Apple’s Sleek Upgrade

  1. I only wonder what happens when Apple runs out of big cats. Hopefully they’ll have presence of mind enough to not use ‘cougar.’

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