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The Illustrious Archives of Dragon Magazine

In Games on August 26, 2009 at 1:27 AM
Definitely imagined doing this four or five times.

I never subscribed to Dragon–at the peak of my Dungeons & Dragons mania, I was a year or so out from my first real job, and needed that $14.95 for essentials like the Epic Level Handbook and the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, books that cost roughly quadruple that–but every once in a while, I picked up an issue to fill the gaps between bigger purchases. Still, even such minimal contact with the magazine ranks high on my list of nerdiest acts of nerddom, mostly because the magazine was so bad. Reading Dragon was never informative, indeed it was rarely even enjoyable as most magazines are meant to be. It was a stopgap, a quick fix, an excuse for thinking about D&D when I couldn’t actually play it–it was RPG porn.

Needless to say, I was ecstatic to find a few old issues at a local flea market, dating from 1989-1991. (For anyone who doesn’t know, flea markets are home to some of the greatest concentrations of early nerd artifacts anywhere.) Along with a timely review of the recently re-released Curse of Monkey Island (original retail: $69.95 with VGA graphics upgrade), I found a few pages I thought were worth sharing. More, including a *Free Printable Crossword Puzzle!*, after the jump.

I pulled this insert out of issue #168 for the ’91 GEN-CON, “The Oldest, Largest, and Best Game Fair”. It’s like Comic-Con, but more competitive.

Want: ice-breathing robo steed (I have no idea why this caption keeps appearing at the top of my post)

Want: ice-breathing robo steed (I have no idea why this caption keeps appearing at the top of my post)

Dude, we're at a CON with chicks.
Dude, we’re at a con with chicks.

This one isn’t much to look at, but it’s gotta be my favorite: the first published short story by Dark Elf Trilogy author and reigning prince of high fantasy, R.A. Salvatore, aptly titled “The First Notch”. Salvatore’s butchery of the Scottish accent is masterful throughout.

Snapshot 2009-08-23 18-39-10

"We be needin' a guard who's quick to open, and quicker still with his tongue. Ye're the only one o' us sneaky enough to dodge the askins o' any might wander down here. Think ye can do it?"

And, finally, the aforementioned crossword. Sorry for the lame photo-job. I’m sure that anyone interested in a crossword that references the geography of Dragonlance will look past it.

Yeah, I finished it.

Yeah, I finished it.

Dragon‘s print edition was discontinued, along with its counterpart, Dungeon, in August 2007. R.I.P.


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