Greg Hunter

Challenge: Cosynonymous Names

In Puzzles on August 18, 2009 at 7:04 PM

Every now and then I’ll post a problem whose answer I may or may not know. In this case it’s more open-ended, but your job will always be the same: post solutions in the comments. For now, “winners” just get to feel smug, but later I might think of some kind of prize. (Whatever it is will be distributed retroactively, if that makes sense. So your early efforts won’t go unrewarded.)

A cosynonymous name is a full name in which the first and last names are not synonyms of each other, but are both synonyms of some other word. I first thought of this when I heard the name Rob Stein: both of his names are synonyms of “mug”.

Other examples include Josh Child, Bill Storm, Frank Savanna, and John Spaces. For each of these, try to find the linking word without consulting a thesaurus.

Reasonable female versions are harder to come up with, since most common female names that are also English words have very few synonyms, often falling into the category of flowers (Rose, Daisy, Amaryllis) or gems (Crystal, Ruby, Topaz). The best I’ve come up with is Dawn Flinch. Unlike the rest, however, I can’t find any evidence that someone with this name actually exists.

Challenge: Can you think of others? Bonus points if there’s a real person who has that name. Post your best results in the comments.

  1. Jack Filch, Matt Mantle, Crane Windlass. I really like the name Crane Windlass.

    Should we all get pseudonyms?

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