Greg Hunter

Attention: DO NOT Read ANYTHING about ‘District 9’

In Film and Television on August 15, 2009 at 12:17 AM

large_District-9-Peter-Jackson-Sharlto-copley-neil-Blomkamp-alien-x-filesI just got back from a matinee showing of Peter Jackson’s sci-fi apartheid fable, District 9, and the only thing I feel comfortable spoiling is that it is the best film I’ve seen this summer. (I’m going to see The Hurt Locker later, which I’m pretty sure is its only competition.) Love, redemption, badass lightening guns–this one’s got it all.

One of the most impressive things about the movie (which is saying a lot) is that its marketing campaign gave away so little–the major plot arc of the film feels like a plot twist in and of itself. A meta-plot twist. Yeah. Really, though, if you haven’t already had the plot given away to you, do yourself a favor: watch the preview, and then go in cold. And then call me when you get out.

  1. Before I decided to write my Chrome post, I was going to write on how excited I am to see District 9. Good thing I didn!

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