Greg Hunter

OLMOS WATCH: Lone Ranger on the horizon?

In Film and Television on August 12, 2009 at 7:02 PM

Edward James Olmos, a.k.a. Admiral William Adama, recently announced that he has signed on for Seth Rogen’s upcoming Green Hornet relaunch. Knowing that the baddest man on the Battlestar Galactica will be getting added exposure is cool enough, but consider this: although it hasn’t been announced what role Olmos will play , the Hornet is traditionally positioned as the grand-nephew of the Lone Ranger. Director/ebullient manchild Michel Gondry has teased that the Ranger might get a nod in his film–did The Green Hornet just become much more interesting? (There is serious spin-off potential for a film where Olmos wipes the floor with Anthony Hopkins’ old man Zorro.)

  1. You know he’s dating a woman thirty years younger than him, after divorcing Dr. Melfi from the Sopranos, after divorcing his wife of like 25 years. That’s what fame does to you. And the new wife is pretty hot.

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